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Paul Ryan- Republican Hero?

Paul Ryan- author of the Republican Kill Medicare proposal- has proven to be rather elitist in his attitude toward his constituents. He has held 17 town hall meetings with them, but charges $15 per person for the “privilege.” If these were political fundraisers, I could see charging the fee. But, charging for the right to speak to one’s Congressman? It almost guarantees that the only people who will be there are his supporters. Even worse, when some opponents of his draconian cuts in social services protested, he called the police! Perhaps some of those Democratic representatives who had their Town Halls disrupted by violent Tea Partiers in the summer of 2009 should have called the police! Now we see the REAL Republican mindset. Pay-to-play and crush opposition.


Rick Perry?

Rick Perry is probably going to be the Republican nominee for President. He is able to capture the hearts and minds of religious fundamentalists AND big money conservatives in a way many other candidates are unable to. Mitt Romney can’t compete with him for charisma. Michelle Bachman can’t compete with him for the money, and there is no other candidate in the second tier who can touch him. Americans should be scared to death because he just might be the next President of the United States.

For one thing, Perry isn’t very bright. He has demonstrated an incredible lack of knowledge when it comes to American history and foreign policy. His grades at Texas A&M University were even less impressive than George W’s were at Yale. The only course in which he earned an “A” was Animal Husbandry, and he nearly failed economics.

For another, his religious affiliations are frightening. The political prayer gathering in Houston that Perry held as the kick-off of his Presidential campaign was sponsored by several Pentecostal pastors who are Dominionists, members of the New Apostolic Reformation, a political/religious movement that began under the controversial 1960’s evangelist R. J. Rushdoony, a theocrat who advocated replacing secular law with religious Old Testament law, which would call for the death penalty for homosexuality, abortion, and apostasy. A frightening expose of Dominionism can be found in the Daily Beast at this link. No one this radical in his religious/political beliefs should be allowed even in the White House tour!

Rick Perry is also a hypocrite and a liar. He actively campaigned for Al Gore in the 1988 Democratic Primary for President. He happily accepts Federal aid for many programs in Texas, even as he flirts with the idea of secession and advocates for States Rights, and he claims to have created more jobs in Texas during his administration than any other state. What he fails to mention, however, is that 3/4 of those jobs were in state government and much of the rest were at minimum wage and that Texas is near the bottom of the list in child health and education.

Many conservatives in Texas oppose him because of a big spending, big government proposal to build four thousand miles of super-super-highways across the state that would have cost billions and was supported by Perry’s friends among the highway contractors who contribute so generously to his campaigns.

Rick Perry is not the savior the Republican Party is looking for and if Barack Obama is intelligent, there is much in Perry’s record to use against him. Of course, we’re talking about Barack Obama here. Will he use it? Will he have the backbone, or will he continue to pretend that he is too good to soil his hands with mere politics and sit above the fray? If Obama continues as he has since taking office, then this nation may just elect George W. Bush on steroids, a religious radical hell-bent on repealing Social Security and Medicare, as he advocated in his 2010 book Fed Up!

Rick Perry could be the next President of the United States. God help us.


Credit Downgrade

Thank you, Tea Party! Thank you, Republicans! You’ve given America it’s first credit downgrade and I’m sure you’re proud.

In their explanation as to why the U.S. went from AAA to AA+, Standard and Poors  cites as factors in making their determination  the turmoil surrounding the debt ceiling debate (caused by the hostage-taking strategy of the Republicans) and the GOP refusal to consider revenue options in decreasing the debt and deficits. The Republicans, goaded by the Tea Party, were willing to risk a credit downgrade to pursue their political agenda and the result will be higher interest rates paid by the government to bond holders (China, Saudi Arabia, etc), which will ironically increase the deficit as well as increase the interest rates individuals pay on their home loans and credit cards.

Thank you, Tea Party! Thank you, Republicans! I hope the voters remember you in November 2012!  I hope those who lose their jobs over the next year because of the worsened economic downturn caused by higher interest rates remember you. I hope people who open their credit card bills and discover their interest rates went up remember you. Thank you.


Tea Party Terrorists

Defenders of the Tea Party and their tactics deny they are terrorists or using terrorist tactics. They criticize Vice-President Joe Biden for likening their behavior in the Republican-manufactured debt-ceiling crisis to terrorists. However, Biden is absolutely correct.

This crisis didn’t need to happen. The debt ceiling had been raised dozens of times, particularly during the Presidencies of Saint Ronald Reagan and Junior Bush. Republicans and their Tea Party radicals declared they would not increase the debt limit this time without their demands being met. By not increasing the limit, they would force the country into default and in doing so, force a downgrade in the country’s credit rating, and in doing so, force higher interests on the government debt and on personal and corporate debt, and in doing so, send the country and the world into a deeper recession.

In other words, “Give into our demands or we destroy the economy.” That’s not terrorism?


Hypocrisy and Corruption

The so-called “Debt Limit Increase Deal”  is the most dangerous act of hypocrisy and cowardice in recent American political history, and saying so is not hyperbole. A minority of the minority party took the American economy hostage and extorted budget cuts that will destroy the safety net for those of us who can’t afford the multi-million dollar donations to the Republican Party and the Tea Party hostage-takers. A party that took the budget surpluses of the prosperous Clinton years and turned them into deficits of hundreds of billions of dollars through tax-giveaways to the rich and handouts to the military-industrial complex through two unfunded and unnecessary wars now has the gall to demand that programs designed to help the poor and middle class be gutted so that the Republicans’ corporate masters can continue to amass even more wealth. And, then they call it “freedom.” They say they adore the Constitution, except for those parts they find inconvenient, and then create some extra-constitutional body to make decisions they don’t have the courage to make themselves. And, all the while, the right-wing media continues to lie to the country about what is being done and the rest of the media is afraid to call them out.

Keith Olbermann said it quite eloquently Monday night. 


Spineless Obama

The Tea Party terrorists who have hijacked the American political system have shown the Democrats the horrendous mistake they made in nominating for President the junior Senator from Illinois in 2008. In the three and a half years since his election, Barack Obama has shown repeatedly that he has no spine, no backbone, no courage. He is a political capon.

In 2008, I voted for a Democrat who would fight for universal health care coverage. Instead I got Barack Obama.

In 2008, I voted for a Democrat who would prosecute the violators of the Constitution in the Bush Administration. Instead, I got Barack Obama.

In 2008, I voted for a Democrat who would fight to reduce military spending and end the seemingly endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Instead, I got  Barack Obama.

In 2008, I voted for a Democrat who would stand up to the liars at False News and the Republican propaganda machine. Instead, I got Barack Obama.

In 2008, I voted for a Democrat who would protect the social safety net AND cut needless spending to fight the deficit. Instead, I got Barack Obama.

I will hold my nose in 2012 and vote to re-elect Barack Obama, but only because he won’t be as bad as whomever the Republicans nominate, though at the rate things are going, even that could be doubtful.


Republican Terrorism

The Republicans, and the Tea Party in particular, have  used terrorist tactics in the debate over the debt  ceiling increase. Merriam-Webster defines terrorism as  “the systematic use of terror especially as a means of  coercion,” and if what the GOP and Tea Partiers have been  doing isn’t terrorism, I don’t know what is.

They have declared that they won’t vote for an increase  in the debt-ceiling unless Democrats and the President go  along with their demands. Some of the Tea Partiers are  quite obviously ignorant of the basic economics involved,  but some know exactly what they are doing. They know that  not raising the debt-limit with result in the United  States defaulting on its debt obligations for the first  time in history. They know that this will result in a  down-grade of the US debt rating from the perfect AAA to  something much less. They know that that will result in  higher interest rates on the US debt, thus increasing the  interest taxpayers pay on the debt and making the defecit  even worse. They know that this increase in interest  rates will cascade down to corporations and individuals,  who will all have to pay higher interest on loans and  credit cards. And, they know that Democrats and the  President don’t have the backbone to say “no” to them.

In other words, the Tea Party and the GOP are holding the  American economy (and the world’s, as well) hostage until  their demands are met.

If Barack Obama had a spine, which he has quite clearly  demonstrated he hasn’t, he would have refused to  negotioate at the point of a gun. He would have told the  Tea Party and the GOP that budget negotiations belong in  budget negotiations and not in the debt ceiling vote. He  would have said:

The United States does not negotiate with terrorists. We  do not negotiate with terrorists holding the American  economy hostage. We don’t allow Al-Qaeda to hold the  economy hostage and we won’t allow the Republicans to do  it.

Unfortunately, for the Democrtatic Party and the American  people, Obama has no spine. No matter what happens, the  Republican Terrorists have won.

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